Shreyas, a beautiful flower among flowers


First post: Jun 8, 2018 Latest post: Oct 24, 2018

On Sunday, June 3, 2018,  our beloved Mom Jane Shreyas had a massive stroke accompanied by a session of seizures. Her second eldest son Brent was visiting and miraculously present at her home to come to her immediate aid and comfort her. She was transported to Maui Memorial Hospital for  emergency treatment. Brent followed close behind and notified his sister Kendra and brother Derek of the event.  Doctors and hospital aide administered necessary drugs to stabilize her her from having  any further seizures. CT and MRI scans were performed and revealed what Brent had witnessed, extensive paralysis and severe brain trauma resulting in the loss of most body functions. It was at this cross road that Brent consulted family for guidance and decisions.

It had been Jane's wish that if her body was failing and her quality of life jeopardized they would carry out her  wish for comfort care only.  Hospice was contacted and assisted in the transfer from hospital to the comfort of her home and the care from family.

Shreyas has begun her final journey of passage peacefully and comfortably in her own home in Maui with her son's caring by her side. The children want to remind everyone, that she loves you ALL and for us to continue to care for one another by opening our hearts to each other, showering each other with light, while carrying on our lives on this planet.

The family asks that you share your thoughts, stories, photos and memories, as you wish, through this site.

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