As she said "A bench fit for a Queen!"

Jane Noethe

First post: Jan 3, 2019 Latest post: Feb 8, 2019
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On Saturday, December 29th,  Jane fell on some ice while getting gas resulting in a broken neck and a spinal cord injury. She had severe swelling in her spinal column and underwent surgery Saturday evening to remove some vertebrae to make room for the swelling.  Her neck was also fused to prevent further damage if it were to be moved. 

The Doctors confirmed there will be paralysis. As the Surgeon said, “the damage has been done, we are just waiting to see the severity.” As of Saturday night, the surgeon graded her injury/paralysis a grade B. The scale is graded  from A (which is the worst) to E (all movement/sensation will return). As of right now, Jane has some sensation/tingling and minimal movement sporadically throughout her shoulders, arms and legs. She is able to speak, has full cognitive ability, breathing on her own and still has her witty (and sometimes snarky) personality. She is personally not able to take phone calls or have too many visitors right now. 

The best case scenario is for her to regain ability to the point of walking short distances with a walker and with assistance. The worst case scenario is being wheelchair bound with very limited movement from the shoulders down. Naturally, we are praying and hoping for the best, but know it is a long & hard road ahead of her. But as many of you know her, nothing has really kept her down. She’s been a daycare provider 39 years in April and if anyone who can love, nurture and keep up with 12 kiddos, she can and will give her recovery every fighting ounce she has in her. 

Jane has been a loving wife for 43 years to Duane, a phenomenal mother to Tawnya and Trisha and a one-of-a-kind grandma to Devon. Throughout her years, she has actively led Girl Scout troops for both her daughters, actively involved in Tawnya's band events, been the loudest cheerleader in the sporting stands for Trisha and then Devon and she loved spending countless hours in her beautiful front and back yard tending to her hostas and flowers. She spent a great deal of her days on the north shore in Grand Marais, MN and thinking about where her next vacation adventure would take her. She loved her family first (her words :) ) and then all of her daycare kiddo's second. Her family thinks its a tie! In her 38 years of providing a loving environment, she touched 250+ kids lives. Most of these families stayed with her her for multiple years and even came back with their children. Jane still receives wedding and baby shower invites from kiddo's from her early years as a daycare provider. Jane has expressed recently that she is going to miss the good-morning hugs and the sheer joy of seeing her daycare family every day.