Janene Grosz Janene Joy Grosz

First post: Aug 6, 2022 Latest post: Sep 25, 2023
Janene has been diagnosed with colin cancer. She felt feverish Sunday (July 31st) night after returning home from Husets races and had a tenderness and tightness in her abdomen.  Her condition worsened during the day on Monday (August 1st) and so John took her to Urgent Care on Marian Road. After an exam and blood tests which showed elevated white blood cells (at 20) she was referred down the hall to the ER department in that same building for access to the CT imaging machine and further assessment.  The results of the CT scan showed a thickening area  with some unidentified mass.  At this time an IV for antibiotics was begun and her temperature was normal.  Her abdomen was causing pain to about a 7....they keep asking that!
The attending physician recommended transferring to tha hospital for further testing,  antibiotics,  and monitoring. 
Tuesday prep, Wednesday colonoscopy which went as far as the narrowed area and then took a biopsy and inked the area for marking.  Thursday was when we found out in the afternoon that the biopsy did indicate cancer. The plan is to remove the mass on Friday morning to allow Janene to eat properly and then follow up with a look at a few other places that look concerning. A couple spots in her lungs and bones show on the scans as well. Those will be looked at further and probably biopsied. 
We will try to update when we have any news.