Jan Anderson

First post: Sep 7, 2021 Latest post: Nov 13, 2021
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. PLEASE don’t feel obligated to donate ANY money. We just want to be able to share with you. Thank you for visiting. 

This journal is a way for Jan and Koré to share their medical journey through Jan's fight with breast cancer. While they welcome family and friends reaching out to love and encourage them, it can be exhausting to have to tell "the story" over and over to concerned ones who want to know. This website will hopefully be the place for you to come and get all your questions answered so your visits/calls with Jan and Koré can be more on a personal level and less of a medical information share. So to begin the updates, let's start at the beginning...
• The end of August, Jan received news that her routine mammogram came back with suspicious findings showing a possible mass in her left breast. During her follow up she had a biopsy of the area.
• The pathology report came back September 1st and showed "invasive ductal carcinoma" and she was scheduled to meet with her Surgical Oncologist, Dr Rueth. https://account.allinahealth.org/providers/16575
• That consult was September 3rd. Both Jan and Koré were highly impressed with her and feel extremely confident in her care. They were told:
◦ Jan has an early, survivable, curable breast cancer.
◦ It's small and GRADE 1 (not "stage", see below), which means it does NOT look aggressive.
◦ Jan has the "least aggressive biologic profile for breast cancer and everyone, including the surgeon are VERY optimistic!
• They were given options to wait 6 months or have lumpectomy surgery now and it is scheduled for September 10th at 3PM. It will take a couple of hours and she should be able to go home the same day.
◦ After much consideration they opted to have the surgery now.
◦ They will not know what STAGE the cancer is until after the surgery.
◦ While asleep, the surgeon will do preliminary checks of the margin (tissue removal until only healthy tissue is at all edges) to attempt to completely eradicate the cancer.
◦ A few lymph nodes that most likely capture breast cancer will also be removed and screened.
◦ It takes 2 days to get the final pathology report. If by chance the margins are not clear, another lumpectomy surgery will be scheduled. Dr Rueth will call 2 business days after the surgery (September 14th) with the final pathology report.
◦ If cancer is found in the lymph nodes, the radiation will treat the remaining nodes.
• Radiation treatment following surgery will:
◦ Begin about a month after surgery (~October 10th),
◦ 15 minutes a day, every weekday (Monday-Friday), and
◦ Last about 4 weeks (until ~November 10th).
• Radiation will cause tiredness in addition to area irritation and sensitivity.
• Following radiation, she should begin to feel better and able to return to work after a couple of weeks (pending FAA approval) ~end of November.
• Jan will be prescribed Tamoxifen after surgery.
Please check back often as this will be the first place updated with any new items to share. In the meantime, please pray for Jan, Koré, and the rest of the family!