Jamie Carey

First post: May 20, 2020
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using this website to share information about Lyme Disease which will hopefully help others beat Lyme.   Thank you for visiting.

Lyme disease? 


I am sharing my experience with possible Lyme disease to hopefully help others and to thank everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts. As some of you might already know, diagnosing Lyme Disease is quite hard and could take years to do so, when the bacteria had already done so much damage to your body.


Executive Summary

I noticed constant twitching in my muscles after a workout in December.  The muscle spasms never stopped.  I started to feel sick with lots of problems.  Went to the family doctor, ran blood tests, everything was normal.  In January, we were thinking it was overtraining and I just needed to rest.  As the sickness got worse, I went to a new general practitioner who ran the same blood work plus some new blood tests.  Those tests were all normal except for 3 tests. On March 6th I met with a neurologist who ruled out ALS and MS, but did not rule out possible Lyme Disease.  On March 8th I sent an email to the new general doctor, making a case for antibiotic treatment (basically begging).  On March 10th I started 21 days of antibiotics.  By March 31st, I was feeling the best I have felt in 4 months.  As of writing this May 7th, I am almost back to 100%.  Below is my story.  I will try to include a lot of details to hopefully help others.  I want to say thank you to my clients, family and friends who gave me enormous strength during the most difficult health event of my life.