Jamey Martinez

First post: Mar 15, 2020 Latest post: May 19, 2020
Dear Friends and Family,
I thought it would be helpful to use this site as a way to keep you all updated as I move through my recovery journey.  Over last several months I had been experiencing new symptoms and I really didn't think much about it.  Some of the symptoms included ringing in my ears, dizziness, and headaches.  Presidents Day weekend, while coaching in Arizona I lost my hearing in my right ear.  Losing the ability to listen to the music I love was enough to get me into the walk in clinic where they told me my ear was plugged, drained it out and sent me on my way.   Still frustrated by the ringing and loss of hearing in my ears, I scheduled an appointment in the Ears Nose and Throat clinic where they were able to see the significance of my hearing loss and ordered an MRI.  

On March 4th, I received a call from my doctor telling me they found a golf ball size mass in my brain and were sending me to neurosurgery to help determine the best course of action.  By this time, I had started experiencing many other symptoms like facial numbness, balance challenges and pretty bad headaches.  During my appointment with neurosurgery, they said I was a great candidate for surgery and they were really confident that I had a benign tumor called a Meningioma.  I all was set for surgery when we realized the following day that Providence was out of network for my insurance.  Though I was originally pretty frustrated at the thought of starting this whole process over.....THIS WAS A BLESSING!!!

Less than 24 hours later I was meeting with a true pioneer in the world of Meningioma tumors, Dr. Manuel Ferreira at the University of Washington.  Dr. Ferreira will perform a resection approach that will help protect cranial nerves and is my best chance for decreased long term side effects.  He actually has a lab where he's studied these types of tumors and teaches other neurosurgeons about Meningioma resections,  he performs 400 surgeries on this type of tumor each year. I am literally in the best hands and only proves things happen for a reason.

My surgery is scheduled for Friday March 20th!  On Wednesday I will be admitted for a procedure to help map out the blood flow around around the tumor which will help Dr. Ferreira get as much tumor out without causing long term damage.  Any residual tumor can likely be monitored and potentially treated through radiation.  After surgery I'll spend a few nights in the ICU and will hopefully be home in about 5 days.  It's an interesting time to be preparing for surgery, and I'm concentrating on staying healthy so we can move forward with plan.  At this point my recovery will last between 4 to 8 weeks after surgery.  

I feel really positive about my care plan and am ready to get this tumor out and on the road to recovery.  I will be using this site to keep you all updated, thank you for reaching out and sending me so much love and support.  Hearing from friends and family right now has definitely been a silver lining in this whole experience.  This has been life changing and has made me feel like a wealthy man.   I love you all and promise to keep you posted as I get back to health.  I'll be checking this site often and look forward to your messages. 

With Love,

- heart