James Parker James Parker

First post: Jul 26, 2019 Latest post: Jul 30, 2019
Dear Family and Friends,
We have created this page as a way to both update you on James' status, and thank you for the outpouring of well wishes and prayers. Cancer is known to be an ugly and unforgiving adversary, but James perseveres with courage and strength. James spent 18 days at Carroll Hospital Center for removal of a tumor, a kidney, and related recovery. A portal vein blockage, dysfunction of the liver, and diminished function of his remaining kidney necessitated a continued fight at Johns Hopkins Hospital. At this time, there are no definite answers to the challenges that face James, but a kidney team, liver team, infection team, and general care team are giving their best efforts to give us hope. James is surrounded by his wife and daughters who love him dearly. While he may receive visitors, we appreciate the understanding that the amount of possible bacteria in his room is best kept to a minimum at this time. Your calls, inquiries, and faithful petitions to Our Heavenly Father have been most appreciated during this difficult journey. There is a space on this page where you may leave your messages to James to be delivered by his family. Please note that the donation link on this page is for caringbridge.org, not for James. The best gift you can give our family is your continued prayers and thoughts of healing.