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First post: Jul 23, 2022 Latest post: Oct 19, 2023
Hello friends of James and Laurel. If you have found your way to this site, you will know that James is experiencing some significant health issues. For those who aren’t aware of the details, he has received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and has initiated a treatment plan that will include chemotherapy and pain management. (More medical details in first journal entry.) James and Laurel are keeping to their traditional Winedale summer schedule as much as possible, mixing in medical appointments with rehearsals and shows.

We – Amy Price, Kevin Haynes, and Polly Levers – have conferred with Laurel and James about setting up this page and have their blessing to provide updates here. James and Laurel are beloved by so many and love so many, and our hope is to ease the job of sharing information with this large family of friends as treatment unfolds.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will post the information that the Loehlins ask us to share. Moving forward, there will almost certainly be opportunities to help in specific ways and we will share those on this site. Finally, there is a section for ‘Well Wishes’ to support James and Laurel, as well as others in this community. 

If you want to write, the home address is 4013 Idlewild Road, Austin, TX 78731. We will use the Journal Entry feature to let you know if there are requests for anything to tempt an appetite, to read during chemo, or to make life better.