James Funk

First post: Jul 6, 2020 Latest post: Jul 16, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,


I am sending this message via Caring Bridge on behalf of Christy Funk, Jim’s wife, and Jim’s family.  As most of you know, Jim has been battling cancer in the form of Multiple Myeloma for over a decade.  Through the love of their family, and their faith, Jim has continued to rise above major medical challenges.  It hasn’t been an easy journey but he has persevered against the odds, with Christy’s love and support. 


Unfortunately, Jim was diagnosed with Covid-19, on Friday June 26th.  He was in quarantine, at home with Christie and Derek who both tested positive shortly after Jim.   His symptoms eventually became severe enough that he was hospitalized.


He was treated with several Covid-19 protocols, some of which seemed very hopeful.  Since Jim has underlying medical conditions, he is considered high risk.  The last few days Jim has been battling Covid symptoms that are more difficult for him than the average person.   For those who don’t know much about Covid, you can read about it on the CDC website.  Although we will use the Caring Bridge to give medical updates, it is really our desire to use it to not just give updates, but to connect in a positive way to send healing prayers and blessings to Jim, Christy and their family.  You will also be able to send messages to them through Caring Bridge directly.


Since Covid is primarily a respiratory illness, the lungs are the most vulnerable part of the disease.  Even though Jim’s original symptoms were only a sore throat, he was hospitalized within a weak with additional severe symptoms.  The respiratory challenges of Covid can cause extreme exhaustion, especially for someone who has a compromised immune system and those who have dealt with many medical challenges.  It is impossible for any of us to understand just how tired Jim must be on a day to day basis just dealing with his cancer issues.  The Covid infection is extremely challenging for many people but especially those who are already medically fragile. 


Today, Christy received a phone call from the doctors telling her they  needed to put Jim in a medically induced Coma and intubate him so he can rest.  She has been through so much in the last twelve years but the challenge now, which is the most heartbreaking, is she can’t be with Jim to hold his hand, and assure him that everything will be OK.  We cannot imagine how hard it would be to have our loved one go through a medical crisis and not be able to be there with them.  In their case, this has been a long and evolving story in their relationship.  They have been through everything together and now they are going through this new challenge alone.


I will explain a little about the medical issues and send an update as soon as we have one.  The medically induced Coma is a medical term for putting someone into a deep sleep, much like anesthesia before a surgery.  Intubation is the placement of a breathing tube through the throat into the airway system to deliver oxygen directly to the lungs.  The medically induced coma will give Jim time to rest and allow the oxygen they are administering through the breathing tube a chance to heal his airway.  It seems like a very frightening thing to face yet it is a blessing for Jim to be able to take a break from the anxiety and exhaustion of dealing with Covid.  It isn’t easy for Christy, not only because she can’t be there, but because she doesn’t know the outcome.  As with most of our greatest challenges in this life, and as difficult as it is, we must turn the outcome over to a Divine Power, knowing God is in charge of Jim’s life and while he is “resting” God will be with him.  He will also be there to comfort Christy.     


We know their faith is first and foremost the greatest bond in their lives and now they need your prayers to help them rise above the fear and difficulty that being apart can cause.  The power of prayer transcends everything we face.  The Physicians and caregivers are the instruments that God will work through to help Jim heal and to help Christy find peace and faith.  Our prayers can multiply the healing power and we ask that you say the prayer called the “Prayer of Protection” at the end of this message, for Jim and then again for Christy.


I will send regular updates through the Caring Bridge site in order to help Christy focus on peace, healing and faith.  It is extremely difficult to repeat medical challenges over and over.  It can cause anxiety and fear and we want Christy to feel peace and love right now while she holds faith for both her and Jim.  Please understand that we are going to try to intervene in communication as much as possible to help Christy not become overwhelmed sharing updates that can be difficult and exhausting.  You can help them both by sending your love and healing messages through prayers and positive thoughts.  Please send your loving, positive thoughts and prayers directly through the Caring Bridge site by finding the tab that leads you to leaving a message.  Christy will be able to read and respond when she is able, and when Jim is awake she can read your messages to Jim, and the hospital staff will be able to share your messages directly on a computer screen.  Caring Bridge is one of the main ways that medical institutions are connecting friends, family and loved ones.   If it is urgent for you to reach her, please contact me directly and I will try to help you in whatever way I can.  This will allow Christy to also rest during this time.  My direct email is radar55@live.com.  I will continue to send updates as I have them.  In the meantime, please read the following prayer for Jim and then for Christy.  This will be the best way for you to help.



The light of God surrounds you

The love of God enfolds you

The power of God protects you

The presence of God watches over you

The healing energy of God moves in, through, and around you,

Wherever you are Jim, (then Christy)


Thank you, God, Amen


Thank you for caring and understanding and thank you for staying connected.


Steve (Jim’s brother)