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"Hello, all. My name is Bobbi Barnett Gore. 

 My family is asking for a storm of prayers. My dad, Rev. Jim Barnett, is in a critical medical state. This past Monday he was scheduled for a quadruple bypass surgery in Bloomington, IL which was completed with relative ease. Complications arose afterwards. Suffice the mass confusion and immense pain of the week to say that we know his lungs are compromised. He was transferred to Christ Advocate hospital in Oak Lawn, IL where he has been connected to special equipment that will oxygenate his blood along with a ventilator so that his lungs may have the opportunity to heal. He is still sedated and, to my understanding, will remain sedated until a time that his body can survive on the oxygen it receives normally.  The doctor says this is going to take weeks, even months of recovery time.
  My family and I are distraught. A lifetime of friends and colleagues are as well. Make no mistake, every part of this ordeal has been miraculous. But the burden of recovery is great. I am simply reaching out for more prayers. Prayers for my wonderful father for a swift and wholly successful recovery. Prayers for the caring medical professionals who have saved his life thus far and continue to attend to his needs. And prayers specifically for my mother, who is contending with a sea of chaos around her.
  If you find it in your heart to pray and pray hard, we would be beyond grateful to you.
  Much love to all,