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On August 2, 2021, James Allen Jr. was admitted to the hospital due to shortness of breath and low oxygen.  As the days progressed, James required more oxygen, equipment and staff support, though his chest x-rays remained the same.  The staff became increasing concerned because every time they would move James or he would exert any energy his oxygen levels/saturation would drop as low as 69. 

On August 12, 2021 James was transferred to the ICU for closer monitoring. Two days later ICU staff alerted me that I should come see James because they were going to intubate him. By the time we arrived, he was no longer in distress and it was decided not to move forward with intubation.  The day that we were called to come see him, James was working extremely hard to breathe; his respiratory rate was 50 and his oxygen levels ranged between 88-92. I could see the struggle and extreme fatigue he was experiencing and it broke my heart.  The staff explained that they are waiting to the very last minute to place him on the ventilator due to the secondary complications that can occur.

The following day, (Saturday, August 14th) James seemed to improve. The ICU nurse described it as the most stable  he had been since arriving in the ICU. I noticed he was texting me and we were even able to video chat, something he did not have the energy to do for a few days prior. On Sunday the 15th, I called before the twins soccer game to check on him. The ICU charge nurse advised that his nurse was in his room explaining to him that he would be placed on the ventilator due to his blood gases that morning. The hospital facetime'd me as they prepped him. He was unable to talk much due to the bipap and his low oxygen levels.  We, (his sister, mom and I), reassured and prayed with him until it was time to disconnect. James was intubated and place on the RotoProne bed to help increase oxygenation in his body.

On August 16th, James labs became more unstable and a catheter was placed should he require dialysis overnight. At this time, James is being considered for tertiary care using ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation).  

On August 17th, James began dialysis to support his kidneys. 

Please continue to pray for James continued healing as he recovers on the ventilator and possibly the ECMO. James health is being restored in Jesus name.

We appreciate and have been overwhelmed with gratitude at all of the support. We are thankful for every prayer, meal, donation, words of hope or encouragement. If you would like to donate money to help us through this difficult time, please go to my Venmo account at: Kristen-Allen-52. 

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