Jake Skinner Jake Skinner Recovery

First post: Oct 5, 2022 Latest post: Dec 22, 2022
What happened? 
On Sunday evening, October 2, Jake was in a single-vehicle accident and was ejected from his truck when it rolled. The stars aligned to protect him with the next series of events. First, an ambulance crew happened to be returning to Lander from another call empty, and was 2 minutes from the scene of his accident when they got the call. They were saving his life within minutes. We are incredibly grateful for the quick expertise and decisive action of this crew. 
Jake was transported to the Lander hospital where he was treated and assessed by the excellent ER team and the decision was made to fly him to the University of Utah hospital in Salt Lake City. The flight crew who transported us were incredibly effective and caring. Not only did they provide a smooth, fast flight with the best attention for Jake, they also comforted me and counseled me on what the next steps would be. So much love and appreciation for this crew! 
The life flight crew transported Jake and I to the U of U emergency room, where we were met by an army of efficient, caring, brilliant medical professionals who quickly stabilized Jake and transitioned him to the surgical ICU. 
In the early morning hours of Monday, 10/3, he was safe in the SICU with an incredible team watching over him. 

How is he? 
When Jake rolled and was ejected from his truck, he sustained many injuries- broken sternum, multiple fractured ribs, a broken scapula, and a broken spinal processes on his L12 vertebrae. In addition, he has bruised lungs, a hematoma on his heart, a small liver laceration, and multiple ligaments damaged in his left knee. 
BUT! So many parts of jakey are a-okay! His head, neck, spine, and brain are great - thanks to the quick action of the ambulance crew. 
Jake has been intubated and has a feeding tube, and has been heavily sedated to allow his body to rest and heal, but is brought up to awareness for tests and excellent interactions with the teams caring for him. He is confused of course, and concerned, but feels the love you all are sending through messages. 
Last night he was able to write questions- wondering where he is, how his friends and his dog are, and why he is here. We are answering his questions as we can and continually reminding him how much he’s loved. Your force of will and love will help the healing so much ❤️

What’s next? 
We are not sure what is coming next - just being present,being available, being positive. There are still X-rays and scans and other tests being done to make sure the best possible plan of action is put in place. Jake’s care here continues to be excellent and we are all cheering him on. His team will develop a plan over the coming days and we will be sure to pass it on to you.
Thank you for your support and love and positive energy.❤️❤️❤️❤️

What can you do?
Jake’s got a long road ahead, and could use all your well wishes, love, and positive energy. We will pass along any messages to Jake. 
In addition, we know that the cumulative effect of insurance copays, family travel to be with him, significant rehab, etc., will seriously tax this family. Any assistance will be directly applied to his care and support costs. 
We have created a GoFundMe on their behalf (linked in first post)
Jake, his immediate family, and his community of love and support thank you for your donation