Jaime Vargas

First post: Apr 3, 2022 Latest post: Mar 1, 2023
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Here is Jaime's story!

On Friday, February 18th, Jaime went to the ER with lower abdominal pain. The doctors performed a CT scan and multiple other tests. They determined he had an infection and began to treat that. When looking at the CT scan, it showed a spot on the lower lobe of his left lung. 
On Monday, February 21st, they did a biopsy of the spot. He was sent home on Friday, February 25th and they had ruled out certain types of cancer, but he still did not have an answer. 
On Monday, February 28th, that all changed. The oncologist called and they had determined it was in fact cancer. Synovial Sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that is typically found in the muscles and joints. Less than 1% of this type of cancer is found in the lungs. 
A PET scan on March 4th, showed there were no tumors anywhere else (thank goodness). He completed a PFT to determine if his lungs were strong enough to handle a partial lobectomy. 
The appointment on Tuesday, March 15th, with the Cardio Thoracic surgeon gave positive news, that Jaime was strong enough to handle up to full removal of his left lung, if needed. The surgery was scheduled for Monday, March 21st, just 4 weeks from the initial biopsy.
The day of the surgery started out great. Everything was running smoothly and Norma Jean and the girls waited to hear how it all went. When the doctor came in, it was obvious something wasn't right. He said that the tumor was actually touching Jaime's heart and it was too dangerous to try and remove it. This was extremely scary news to hear, because no one knew it was that close to his heart. The doctor was unable to perform the lobectomy so they closed him up. He was able to go home on Friday, March 25th.
After multiple phone calls and conversations, on Wednesday, March 30th, Jaime and Norma Jean went to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis (where he had his kidney transplant) to meet with an oncologist who works on rare/special cases. Jaime is not the best candidate for chemo because of his kidney transplant. However, chemo is the only treatment that can be done right now to try and shrink the cancer. 
There is a plan! Jaime will be starting chemo on Monday, April 4th for 10 days. The goal is to get the tumor to move off of his heart enough so he can have the lobectomy surgery to remove it.

Jaime is strong and ready to fight this. It has been a wild 6 weeks, but we are thankful to the team of doctors to make this all work.
We will continue to post updates here as new things happen. We appreciate you so much for taking the time to read his story and visit our page.