Jacquetta Puckett

First post: Aug 14, 2021 Latest post: Feb 1, 2022
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

On Saturday, March 6, 2021, Jacquetta went to the ER with severe stomach pain.  She had been in pain for months without telling family or friends how severe it was.  She thought perhaps it was simply just bad constipation or maybe her appendix.  After some testing she was moved from North Memorial to Abbott as doctors felt this would be best under the circumstances.  In the coming days she would undergo multiple testing, surgeries, and procedures.  One of these surgeries taking place on her 33rd birthday.  The end result was something none of us expected - Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  Unfortunately, not just "regular" Colon Cancer, but a rare form which is not curable.  Knowing this Jacquetta (Simone to some of you) decided that she wanted to do whatever it would take to continue to live as long as possible and chose chemo treatments.  The goal with chemo is to keep Jacquetta as comfortable as possible under the circumstances and hopefully stop the cancers growth and/or spread.  Another unfortunate piece in this is the constant pain and severe spasms that she is enduring each day.  
We had hoped to create this page a couple of months ago but the primary focus was the day-to-day with Jacquetta and the 5 J's.  As of today, Saturday, June 12, 2021, Jacquetta is on another hospital stay that has lasted over 5 days, due to dehydration and pain.  She was having a hard time eating and drinking due to the medications she was on.  They have adjusted these and she should be leaving yet this evening with a new pain management plan in place.

She will have her next chemo session - number 6 - on Wednesday, June 16th.  The positive is that the cancer has not grown.  The other positive is that the type of chemotherapy she is receiving gives her a bit of a boost for about 48 hours immediately after treatment so that she can do more of some of the things we may take for granted - grocery store visits, retail stores, pedicures, or simply just riding in a car that is not headed in the direction of the hospital.

As most know Jacquetta has 5 children (Javayaa, Jayveon, Jamaree, and the twins - Jemmini & Journee) ranging in age from 8 years old to 14 years old.  The 5 J's, as most of us lovingly call them, have watched their rock, their Mother, their friend endure what no child should have to witness.  We have tried as a family to keep their lives as normal as possible.

Jacquetta appreciates the love and support that people have shown over the last few months.  Her hope is that your prayers, well wishes, and continued support continue for her and her children.

For those that don't know, I am Heather - Jacquetta's Aunt, I have created this page based on her request.  I will make every effort to update the CaringBridge as often as possible based on Jacquetta's wishes.  This was the best way we felt we could keep everyone informed.  Her vision has been affected among other things so at times it is hard for her to read text messages and/or answer calls.  We have asked on several occasions that individuals please be mindful of this as well as the time that she wants to spend with her kids.  She appreciates the affirmations, emojis, etc. being sent which uplift her and make her laugh at times.  Please do not bombard her with questions specific to the cancer as I am sure that you can understand how difficult this is.

Jacquetta knows and has accepted what the outcome of this terrible disease is.  We all know and believe that God has the final say.  She was told to live each day as though it was her last and that is what she has been trying to do.  One of her biggest requests is no tears - she knows that is hard for many, but imagine being in her position and each person that you encounter is crying or having teary eyes with every visit.  We have to continue to laugh, smile, and uplift her and the 5 J's every chance we get.

Under the circumstances Jacquetta is no longer able to work.  She still has her home that needs to be maintained, some medical expenses, the expenses that come with 5 amazing children, and other expenses that we don't sometimes think of until it happens.  I am providing my CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle information per her request should anyone wish to donate towards her care and/or the kids.  Now that some of the restrictions have been lifted we are looking into having a gathering before the end of summer, but first priority is her care.

Again, the outpour of love and support has been much appreciated and we ask that you continue to keep Jacquetta and her entire family in your thoughts and prayers.


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