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First post: May 30, 2022 Latest post: Aug 2, 2022

Hello family and friends! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit the CaringBridge website set up for me to keep you all updated in one place. I cannot express enough how much appreciation and joy it brings to my heart the prayers, support, words of hope and encouragement you share with me.

So, my story? Where does one begin? Hmm. I guess I'll start with the jolt of sitting in a room. The cozy room that I equate to, "This is where they put you when they want to tell you something you may not be ready to hear." room. I knew something was not normal for me before I went to the doctor. I just wasn't aware of the whorl wind that was to follow after that first visit. What was initially set up as a regular annual exam turned into a diagnostic exam followed by "the room" (insert my typical animated facial expression). Enter the doctor. Here's where I needed a video rewind on what was said. Because I feel like the only thing I heard was, "How much of the truth do you want to hear?" and "cancer."  The rest of the day was just a blur.

Since then I've had multiple biopsies, PET/CT scans, MRIs and more doctors visits. All to determine what the prognosis is. I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. The world doesn't stop when you hear that, but it definitely makes you pause. I still am wrapping my mind around it and taking one day at a time. 

April and May have been very busy. Lots of appointments, questions, etc. May came with alot of changes. I had surgery to place a access port in my chest. That is an experience. It took a few weeks to adjust to. I'm finally at the point I'm not afraid to move my arm around and trying to stuff every pillow I own in random places to force me to sleep in one location. Those of you I've shared how I sleep know I often wake up wrapped in the bedding like a burrito. So staying put was a challenge. 

May 26th was chemo day. The first of several to follow. Mom accompanied me and endured a very long day with me. Up early, out the door, in chair by 8 a.m. and hung out till about 5:15 p.m. The next visit will be a little shorter. I came as prepared as I could. Put everything I could think, along with suggestions, of things to keep myself occupied in my pink flamingo carry on. I think I tolerated everything thrown at me fairly well. It's the days to follow that have been a bit more challenging. Fatigue, appetite changes, skin changes, sensitivity to various things, frequent visits with hand sanitizer, and LOTS and LOTS of hand washing, etc.

So thank you everyone for bearing with me as I go through this journey and being on it beside me. 

The coin always has another side and with that I know my life is in the hands of the LORD. In Him is my hope and in that I have peace and can rest.

Thank you for visiting. I so look forward to hearing from you whether it's here or otherwise.