Jacoby Schubert

Welcome to Jacoby's Healing Journey. This is a compilation of of the journey of what we know, learn, and see in a young mans life that has been impacted by traumatic events. While the world has some great answers for many things, one of those lacking is helping people who have experienced trauma and the effects trauma has not only on their life, but their brains, and  body as a whole. A majority of these people have done nothing wrong and the acting out or differences you see in them, is the only cry out for help they may know how to use. 
The main purpose of this site and the FB site https://www.facebook.com/Jacobyshealingjourney is to keep a running a journey for those who want to follow. There are many who have poured into Jacoby's healing making it possible for him to get some of the treatment we are looking at getting since it is expensive. The other part is The Word of God says that the world should look to the church (the Body of Christ) for answers. The church hasn't had an answer to this, and I believe through this journey, God is revealing mysteries of how to overcome the strongholds of trauma in a person's life and replace it with the Truth. These events DID happen to these people, and Jesus died and bled for their healing. Can God in a snap of his finger's heal Jacoby and the thousands others that have been effected by trauma, YES absolutely. I'm the first to pray for healing and seen blind eyes open, wounds healed, babies healed in the wombs, and lives miraculously transformed. But sometimes out of the sovereignty of God it doesn't happen in an instance. 
We have gone through deliverance, broken off generational curses, had major generals of the day lay hands on and pray for healing and restoration, and just because it hasn't manifested yet, doesn't mean it's not still there. We just have to do our part. 
This is my son, one of two son's that were adopted from foster care. I have been chosen by God to fulfill a calling on my life as a father and have given pretty much everything up to soley care for my son and the needs that he has due to trauma that has happened TO HIM. While numerous people have given up on him, I have chosen to give up on them to save the one. WHY? this is not to boost my ego, most would say that's stupid or your just saying that for sympathy. Jesus left the 99 to save the 1! I believe this assignment on my life to take this journey with my son will bring to light and help thousands of others who have been through or are going through the same situation, and are lost, alone, and not knowing what to do. 
So I challenge you to join us on this journey. Follow the posts as I'm very real and honest good days and bad days. As we start I will be updating on things that led up to where we are today. I ask you to pour a seed financially into Jacoby's Healing Journey. This will be used for hotel, gas, food, his first set of testing on his brain is $5,000 alone. I ask that you send us mail or words of encouragement even simple. I will post from his last birthday, but he received over 100 cards from people and wait till you see the smile on his face as he read each and everyone. Most importantly I ask you pray. Pray for Jacoby, pray for us, pray for those who follow this journey, that JESUS would be glorified. Lastly if you have any connections, resources, or have been through similar situations or can relate, please email me, contact me, i've already heard from numerous survivors who are doing well now and it's such an encouragement, I've also heard from people that can really relate and are following our journey. I've had the opportunity to pray for people and encourage them that God is the ultimate healer and we can do and get through ALL things through HIM! 

This is our Journey welcome to the inside.