Jacob Nohre

First post: Sep 22, 2019 Latest post: Feb 24, 2020

Saturday morning 9-21-19 at 12:30 Am Jake was run over by a train in Fargo North Dakota , we don't know many details except he was by him self and the only witnesses were the train conductor's that said he was lying on the tracks and they did not have enough time to stop , Jake was trapped under the train and sustained a skull fracture to the back of his head, a C7 mild fracture to his neck, he does have a small brain bleed on the right frontal lobe the neurologist said it is the size of a peanut or small marble, he also has a grade 4 laceration to his liver that is stable so they are leaving that alone , he has broken ribs on the right side and they have placed a chest tube . His left knee has a bad laceration that will need to be cleaned out in the OR and they will close up what they can and put a wound vac on what they have leave open , if the wound vac is done he will have to go back to surgery every couple of days to keep it cleaned out to prevent infection.  Jake is in critical condition but stable he does have a Vent in and is sedated due to his head injury visitation needs to be limited to 1 or 2 people and only 10 min visit while in the room he can hear you so it best if you talk quietly to him so he does not become agitated.  Jake is tough and we have hope that he will make a full recovery but he has a long road ahead of him. It is a miracle that he is alive and we are so thankful.