Jack Weeks

Hello! Welcome to our new adventure! On June 27th 2020, Jack ran into the ocean in Delaware and dove in.....the water was too shallow and he landed on his head and his body came crashing down on top of him, damaging  his neck from c4-c6.  He was instantly paralyzed and and unable to breathe.  Amazingly, there were many ER personnel on the beach that brought our boy back to life.  He was then taken to a local hospital for assessment and intubated.  About 30 minutes later, he and I were airlifted to A. I. duPont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, DE.  Over the next few weeks, he has undergone two surgeries to stabilize his neck and had a tracheostomy in order to continue to be supported by a ventilator.  We are amazed daily to witness the courage, strength and love we feel from him and our community.  As our journey at A.I duPont comes to an end, we are heading to The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA for inpatient rehabilitation.  Where another adventure awaits.