Jackson Scharnell

First post: Jun 14, 2019 Latest post: Nov 11, 2019
On Tuesday June 11th, Jackson suffered from a stroke while out surfing. As he was losing feeling in his left arm, he was unable to paddle. He got the attention of two fellow surfers and they helped him to shore. At first, everyone assumed he had been in a surfing accident, but as it turned out even a 22 year old can suffer from a stroke. Amazingly, a friend of Jackson's uncle Mike, Mike Snyder,  was on the beach and rushed to his aid. After calling 911, he called uncle Mike and he and Jackson's aunt Rikki were able to be on the phone as the paramedics got Jackson off to the emergency room. He was taken to St. Joseph Health Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, CA.  

Once he arrived at the hospital, the doctors established that he had a major stroke that was affecting the right side of his brain. Aunt Rikki and Uncle Mike were able to get to the hospital soon after his arrival and helped make critical decisions and just be there with him. The doctors preformed a procedure to restore blood flow to his brain. They successfully saved half of the damaged area. 

After he was stabilized, he was moved to the Surgical ICU. At that point the biggest concern was swelling.  His Neurosurgeon  performed a craniectomy in order to prevent and monitor future swelling that was sure to come from the impact of the stroke. The procedure was successful and Jackson's swelling became less of an issue that might cause further damage. The phase of wait and see began, and the whole family and many friends have come to Jackson's side to love on him and be here to do what ever they can.