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My dad (Jack Kirkland, III) was born with unilateral renal agenesis (one kidney). He didn’t discover the single kidney until he was about 40 years old during a routine physical. 

Fast forward a few years later and my dad met Kathy (his now wife). Dad and Kathy dated for over 10 years. During this time, Kathy has always been a loving and supportive partner as his kidney function has declined over the last few years. Thankfully he has been very strict with diet and medication to maintain optimal functioning. However, even with the most perfect diet and control, this can only last so long before dialysis or a kidney donor is needed. Earlier this year, my dad's nephrologist placed him on the kidney donor list as his only kidney is nearing end-stage. My dad has also gone through much workup and educational classes preparing him for this life ahead.

The process of kidney donation can take several years and leave patients resorting to dialysis to keep them alive. However, if a live donor is found, it can significantly increase someone’s lifespan especially if they do not go on dialysis. 

Kathy and her daughter, Kasandra, went through the live donor workup to see if they were a match. They are both the same blood type as my dad and they all have a very strong family bond. While we were awaiting workup results, my dad and Kathy decided to elope without anyone knowing. They decided to share the news at a normal family cookout a few weeks ago. My dad and Kathy made a toast and welcomed everyone to their “wedding reception.” 

Fast forward a couple of weeks from the surprise marriage, my dad, Kathy, and Kasandra called an impromptu zoom family/friend meeting. During this meeting, they announced that Mayo Clinic (where workup was being done) called and said that not only was Kathy a kidney match, so was Kasandra! God is so good.

Dad and Kathy will move forward with this procedure at Mayo Clinic Tuesday, August 17, 2021, and be able to live out their beautiful life together. They are truly the perfect match!

Thanks again for visiting and for words of encouragement!

Erica Flamm (Jack's daughter) & family