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Jackie Johnson Jackie's Great Adventure.

First post: May 14, 2022 Latest post: Jun 9, 2022
Welcome to my site and thanks for sharing in my great adventure. 15 years ago, although non cancerous, a suspicious mass consuming one third of my left lung was removed. 5 years later the Lord, in his great mercy, reach down and saved my soul and completely changed everything I thought I knew. That day  He said to me, "you don't have much time". 
He then told me to forget everything I thought I knew about Him, and KNOW Him. So with no preconceived notions of who He was I began to read His story from the beginning (Genesis) and He began to reveal Himself to me one attribute at a time. He teaches me, sometimes using real time situations, the meaning of scriptural words or phrases, or how biblical lessons apply in my personal life in the world today.
On 11-5-2021 I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (Adenocarcinoma). My doctor said only 20 percent of patients survive through the treatments which consist of 3months of chemo and radiation, then one year of immune therapy, but I didn't pay that no mind. I trust He who has all authority and the final say. I gave my life to God ten years ago now and it is his to do with as he wills. I'm good either way, and I am not afraid. I have finished chemo and radiation and received 3 immune therapy Infusions so far. I am still a student at the Master's feet, receiving regular lessons, and enjoying every minute of every day. 
My goal is to be obedient and useful in every moment whether my days are few or many.