I love listening to bands and music and singing and dancing!  This was taken in September at Burning Sensations Band!  Miss the bands and all my fellow groupies!

Jackie Royer

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On February 12th I came home from work and started making dinner for Sam and I.  While I was cooking I was burning the  Meatballs and had no idea I was having a seizure.  Thank goodness Sam was there to witness and take over.  Later I collapsed on the floor and Sam dialed 911.  I remember coming in and out of consciensness.  A trip in the ambulance to the ER  and then admitted into the hospital on Oncology floor.  I don't remember much of the ER or ride in the ambulance.  Everything is a blur and has been this past month.  I was told I have a brain tumor and need surgery.  I was supposed to go to Mercy but requested to stay in Ames for the night to adjust to this news.  When I was released I called Mayo Clinic and made an appointment to see a Neurologist there.  The past month went so fast and I can't remember it all.  I was scheduled for surgery March 1st and released March 3rd.  Just as the doctor told me!  They got about 90% of the tumor and I need to go through radiation and chemotherapy.  It is a grade 3 astrocytoma.  I feel like I made it through the worse with the surgery the rest will be easy!  I am scared to face these appointments but know with all your prayers I can Fight the Fight!  I recoperated at my parents house in Minnesota till I was strong enough to get back to my place.  I was able to go home after I rested at my parents home with their help.  My sister came to Iowa with me to help me adjust.  I also had my son home.  When people see me they say, "You still have your hair!"  Well, I have my brain too!  It is  funny to look back and see where I am today.  I am typing this myself!  Thank goodness for spell check!  I am so blessed and grateful for all the love and support from so many people!  If it wasn't for all of you I am not sure where I would be today.  I have so many to thank for the rides, cards, meals, kind words, and invitations to help me get my mind off all this!  I am truly grateful for all of you!  Also the many prayers that were said from so many people that know me or don't know me!  I can't explain how that feels!  I have learned I need to take one day at a time.  Sometimes there's curve balls or setbacks but mostly stick to the positive and keep moving forward!  Life can change in the blink of an eye!  I am blessed and grateful for each day I have!  Thanks to all of you that have been on my team!  I appreciate you all!  Keep the prayers coming they help!

Love and hugs and prayers,