Jack Gorman

First post: Nov 24, 2018 Latest post: Dec 2, 2018
Jack/Dad/Grandpa/Uncle  Jack's journey started a little over two a years ago.  As many of your know he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma almost two years ago in November, 2016.   Since that diagnosis, he has been on a regime of a cancer drug to help fight the blood cancer.  The cancer 
fighting  drugs worked and about two months ago his doctors informed him his cancer was in remission.   One of the side affects of his cancer fighting drugs  was never ending tiredness.  This was certainly something dad could live with but  left him with little  energy to do much of anything.  In October of this year, dad started having shortness of breath.    Dad was taken by ambulance to  Mercy Medical in Mason City.  After tests and more tests, the doctors informed dad he needed a heart valve replaced.  The type of surgery to fix his heart valve could not be performed in Masaon City.  He was given the option to have surgery in Des Moies OR in Rochester Mayo/St. Mary's.   Dad and mom made the decision to engage with Mayo for another evaluation.  The time to get dad into Mayo for evaluation seemed to take forever.  Just last week, dad and mom made the trek again to Rochester for  more tests and evaluation to determine if he was a candidate for the surgery.  After testing on Tuesday, November 13th and Thursday , November 15th, dad was informed by the doctors that he was not a candidate for the heart valve replacement surgery  because it was not one valve that needed replacing but three.  On Thursday after receiving the news the doctors decided to admit dad for observation due to his vitals.   Dad was adjusting to this news when only three days later the cardiologist informed dad and his family, who had gathered with him at the hospital, that he  only had hours to live.   Imagine the shock and dispair and sadness and distraught feelings dad and his family experienced.

Through nothing short of a miracle, after all of his children, grandchildren and his wife said their good byes, he woke up Monday morning and said "I want to go home!"  With oxygen tanks on board, we loaded our precious cargo and headed back to New Hampton. 

Dad/Grandap/Jack continues to amaze us as he is still with us and fighting for every day.  He celebrated Thanksgiving Day at home surrounded by his family.  He is now staying at the New Hampton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New Hampton in room W39.

We are sharing this story so you know how welcome you are to come and visit, reminisce, laugh, cry or even have a beer with dad and his family.  If you are not able to physically come and visit, you can always call and the wonderful staff will bring the phone to dad to spend time  chatting with you on the phone even, if for a few short minutes.    641-394-4153.

Please feel free to share stories, thoughts, prayers and share your stories of times you have shared with Jack/Dad.  He loves a good story and laugh!