Jarrett Simonds It's Just Jarrett

We're so glad you found Jarrett's CaringBridge website.  We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. 

It's most lightly you know Jarrett, but if not, allow us to tell you a little bit about him. Jarrett will turn 47 yrs old this summer. A little over 6 years ago Jarrett was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare GI Cancer, called G.I.S.T. (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) and moved to Nashville for medical care and a pharmaceutical study being done on this cancer type. Prior to Tennessee, Jarrett lived in North Carolina with his daughter as a single father and worked as a clinician with the Rape Crisis Network's Cardinal Clinic. His cancer diagnosis was completely unexpected and he had zero symptoms, prior to one evening having intense abdominal pain, going to the ER, and radiological tests indicated a strange mass on his right side. Testing and biopsies in the following days confirmed his worst fears.
Though Jarrett's treatments beganat Duke Medical in Durham NC, it was clear the rarity of this cancer type required specialized and narrowly focused treatments and plans Duke couldn't offer. After a lot of research and sleepless nights, Jarrett determined Vanderbilt was where he needed to be, but he'd have to allow his daughter to remain in NC to finish high school, be surrounded by family and friends, allowing her to enjoy the few remaining years of childhood she had, and not have to witness the medical ugliness of cancer treatment alone and in an unfamiliar city. 

His daughter had since graduated high school with Honors and begun her freshmen year if college! Give Jarrett 2 seconds and he'll tell you how awed and impressed he is with the woman his daughter has grown up to be - despite having him as her father! He truly loves and find great hope in her deeply empathic heart for the suffering of others, unwavering moral compass, and powerful leadership skills. Despite the hard knocks life handed her, she's risen above and created her own self-describing identity.

Since bring in middle Tennessee, Jarrett had taken up Handyman work to offset the debilitating medical debt he's incurred. He's also taken to professional photography and watercolor painting as hobbies he never knew he has talent for. But most of all, Jarrett's move to Nashville is best defined by the friendships he has created with so many people and the deep love he has found and shown.

As Jarrett continues to confront this disease; powering through the many setbacks, complications and tribulations he has been dealt, he maintains a positive spirit, an outgoing - "never met a stranger" personality , and loving commitment to help others who face even greater challenges than he has. Is there any wonder he's loved by so many?

Please continue to visit this page to remain updated on Jarrett's medical progress and challenges. And please feel free to leave him messages and notes if you'd like!