Isaac Griffis

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This is a group who is committed to storming heaven on behalf of our boy, Isaac. We are declaring health and healing in his body and asking God to rid his body of leukemia. By joining this group, you agree to commit to this with us.
In November 2019, I noticed that Isaac had a swollen lymph node in his neck. It was obviously protruding, however, he was just coming off a nasty chest cold, and he has had reactive lymph nodes for years, so I made note to watch and wait. The lymph node hung around, but I wasn't too alarmed until December 18. We were having dinner and I noticed that the side of his neck was noticeably more swollen. Feeling it with my fingers, it had tripled at least in size. I had a video of him from the day before and could see that this happened quickly. I called the doctor that evening and scheduled an appointment for the next day. Thus began the rollercoaster.
The doctor scheduled us an ultrasound that came back abnormal. We had a biopsy that also came back abnormal, and the following day we were scheduled an appointment with oncology. On January 8, went up to the 10th floor of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital where we were told that he had lymphoblastic lymphoma. Cancer. This meant years of chemo beginning immediately. The following Tuesday he was scheduled for surgery to have his port (chemo injection site on his chest) placed, a bone marrow biopsy, spinal tap, lumbar puncture, and full removal of some of his lymph nodes. This brought us new information that he had over 50% cancer cells in his bone marrow, so his diagnosis was changed to B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
The journey is years long. Many different types of chemo, steroids, infusions, hospital stays are all expected.
God may not have answered our "please let this not be cancer" prayer, but he has gone before us in so many ways. Oncologists and physicians and nurses are all blown away at how good Isaac has done so far. His labs have remained strong and stable. There is no cancer in his spinal fluid and after cytogenetics we were told that the form of leukemia he has is most responsive to chemotherapy and has the best prognosis. Praise god! We anticipate his remission and full healing! Our oncologist said that most kids come in with 95-98% leukemia in their bone marrow and Isaac has only about 50% and zero symptoms (aside from the lymph nodes). I truly believe that God had his lymph nodes sound the alarm that something was wrong far before things actually got really bad. This is huge.
Isaac has been the poster child for the hospital - getting injections and IV's without a flinch. Taking pills easily and without complaint. This is just his nature. He's the sweetest and most easygoing and kindhearted kid. It seems cruel for this to happen to him, but he hasn't complained once. I choose to believe that God is going to use this as a testimony of his goodness during a really hard and sad season.