Isaac Basurto Strong, Brave, Fighter

First post: Jan 6, 2020 Latest post: Sep 5, 2020

Isaac is 11 years old.  In 2019, it appeared that Isaac's gum had an abscess and it was treated as such.  It was evident that the treatment was not working so he saw an orthodontic surgeon who did a biopsy.  

In November 2019, the day before Thanksgiving we were told that Isaac had a rare form of jaw bone cancer called Ghost cel odontogenic carcinoma.  There were only about 38 recorded cases in the world and 5 of those were children.  Isaac was the sixth in the world. After much deliberation and research, Isaac’s medical team of surgeons had a treatment plan.  The treatment involved removing part of his lower jaw bone which was infected with the cancer.  They would then remove his fibula from his leg and graft that into his remaining jaw bone.  After many sleepless nights and prayers we decided as a family this was the best course of action.

On January27th, 2020, Isaac went through 12 hours of surgery.  The surgeons did an amazing job and Isaac came out of the surgery with no complications.  Isaac continues to wow is with his strength and courage.  He is now on the road of recovery.

Thank you God and all of you for the support and love.