Irma Rodriguez Irma Rodriguez 2020

First post: Jan 4, 2020

Irma became very ill with Guillain-Barré syndrome August 2019 while in her homeland, El Salvador. (Photo above is from Christmas 2018.) Her daughter immediately flew from NYC and brought her home and straight to the Columbia Presbyterian hospital where she was diagnosed. She was almost entirely paralyzed and almost  unrecognizable. Doctors predicted difficulties with breathing unassisted and that she might be able to walk only after a year of recovery. She recovered  hard, and fast. Six months later, Irma walked up 3 flights of steep stairs to go home in East Harlem. She’s recovering well, but will continue to require some special attention from doctors, therapists, nurses, and those who love her. Food and groceries welcome along with phone calls and visits *(see Ways to Help)*. Funds raised here will go directly to Irma for her needs, both medical/rehabilitative and daily living expenses while homebound. Hang in there, Irma! It was a rough six months, but you’re doing great and it’s a new year and  we're sending you some  love.

This is the main hub for Irma's home care by friends. Also click on "Ways to Help" to donate via GoFundMe or Meal Train.  And please share any piece of it as widely as you can.

I have known Irma since April 2001. I worked with her every day for fifteen years until she retired. I consider her my “New York mama.”

And by the way this is very cool site/app that I first heard of this weekend from Sally Whaling. Thanks, Sally!