Stacy Skariot In need of a smile again

In 2012 my smile was stolen from me and my life almost accompanied it. I was the victim of a severe domestic violence situation that left me with both a broken upper jaw and soul. I had just had my son Zane, he was 2 weeks old and I was breast feeding him so at the time of my assault I could not receive proper anesthetic. In a last ditch effort to save my teeth the maxiofacial surgeon took braces wire and a large suture needle and "sewed" my teeth back into my face hoping the roots would reconnect . After 6 months of continuing agony my body rejevted the attempt and I had to have all my teeth surgically removed. My insurance paid for a set of upper teeth that I wore until yesterday, when the family dog decided to.use them for his own chew toy. However tongue and check or pun worthy this situation may be it is completely and utterly devistating to me. I'm too embarrassed to even go children's school or activities because I can't even speak with out it being noticed not can I even eat properly now  if you can help on anyway your kindness and generosity will be forever appreciated. Your support and words of hope and encouragement will be life changing  Thank you for visiting.