Nipal Bellmonde #idbetonthegirl

First post: Jun 22, 2020 Latest post: Sep 14, 2020
Namaste! Using Caring Bridge as central source for those wishing to follow along this journey. Your support & encouragement are greatly appreciated. One request,  rather than "how are you doing (feeling) today",  speak life by stating,  "thinking of you today, whip Goliaths butt",  "you got this", " am praying for you", "sending positive vibes". Cancer fights dirty and doesn't deserve anymore energy with me repeating how below the belt the blows hit.

 Chemotherapy and  Radiation wraps up Labor Day week.  With every ounce of my being,  9/10 you'll find me keeping with MDA tradition and ringing the infamous bell. 

To answer once, and only once.  How am I doing today,  in a word, "healing". 

 My love & gratitude, #idbetonthegirl