Mark Hunter Hunter Family Journey

First post: Jul 21, 2019 Latest post: Sep 18, 2020

Two years ago Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer with bone metastasis.  It is currently in his hip, ribs and femur.  
He has been through hard core chemotherapy and radiation.  
He has and continues to fight this disease very hard.  

Starting on Sunday he came down with a fever. We went to the emergency room and he was diagnosed with a UTI.  Antibiotics were administered and we were sent home.  On Tuesday we were contact by the hospital that he has Ecoli in his blood stream and needed to be hospitalized immediately.  

He was admitted to Chino Valley on Tuesday where he still is.  Today they finally changed his antibiotic because obviously the one was not working and he continued to have a fever. 

Due to his cancer, this infection is very serious.  

I have started using this web site to keep everyone up to date.  
We as a family were not prepared for such a sudden decline in his health, even though we should have been. 

We have been blessed with the last 2 years and have lived life with Mark to the fullest.  
Please understand how completely overwhelming this is for our family.  We also realize that you are just as concerned and want to be updated.  

I hope this helps us all stay connected and up to date.  

Addison and I are so blessed to have you all in our lives.  
Our older boys and their families are supporting us every minute of everyday but are struggling just as hard. 

If you call or text any of us, please understand that we are processing and coping and it may take some time to reply.  We will however reply to everyone.  

Check here daily as one of us will be sure to update. 

You can also leave messages here for us or Mark.  

Please pray for us all. Especially Mark, we need him to get better and come home.  

Thank you 🙏