Hunter Allen-Sapp

Hunter is a lively 3 year old boy. The second youngest of 7 kids, Hunter is a sweet guy who can hold his own when playing with his big brothers and sisters. Hunter loves all the things 3 year olds love; Iron Man, monster trucks, puppies, playing outside, and running around.

Last week, Hunter’s legs started aching. Unsure of what was wrong, his mom took him to the doctor for a check up where a blood draw showed Leukemia. Hunter was admitted to the hospital immediately, and since then has undergone a lot of testing so that the doctors can get a better idea of how to help Hunter fight.

Hunter was diagnosed with Chronic Leukemia as well as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He also has what is called the Philadelphia Chromosome. Only 3% of children diagnosed with Leukemia have what Hunter has. About 90% of his bone marrow is Leukemia. Hunter is currently undergoing intensive chemo treatments, and soon will need blood transfusions and a bone marrow transplant. The next 9 months of treatment will be very intense, and then after that he’ll have 7 years of treatments.

This page will serve as a tool to update friends and family on Hunter’s tests and his journey.