Hubert Joseph Mercil

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So I’ve had a few people remark or message me about some of the terms I’ve used for Hubert. So here is some information for you:

Preemie: ANY baby born before 37 weeks gestation (Hubert was born 36 weeks 4 days gestation) it has nothing to do with weight!!

Macrosomia: any baby that is gestational in the 90% in weight (Hubert was in the 96%-116% in gestation weight and was 7 lbs 10 oz at birth which is 98%)

Reactive hypoglycemia: your blood sugars are not metabolized normal causing your BS (blood sugar) to spike high and drop fast to extreme lows. This is different the diabetes and there is NO medication for it, insulin would make it worse. I suffer from this condition during entire pregnancy.

O2 sats: oxygen saturation in the blood stream

Connatal cysts : are benign, isolated findings which likely represent a normal variant, meaning they aren’t harming him in anyway and they may resolve on their own over time.

So Hubert was born a preemie at 36 weeks and 4 days, even though his weight was 7lbs and 10 oz he still is under developed in his lungs, brain, and neurological system. He was four weeks premature with all the premature complications that are expected. His birth weight has NOTHING to do with his overall health and development.

It was a spontaneous vaginal birth meaning I was NOT induced and did not have a C-section. It was all natural. They classified his birth as a rapid birth. From beginning to delivery it was five hours. 38 minutes after my water was broken and in TWO pushes he was out. Because it happened so fast and he wasn’t ready yet, his head wasn’t in the canal yet when they broke my water, he didn’t have the ques like other babies to expel the fluid from their lungs, the pressure to take that first breathe ect…

After he was born they monitored his BS and he was low, he exhibited some seizure like activity, he was extremely purple from the lack of O2, he started to not feed and became more lethargic and his blood work was showing possible infection. He was transferred by ambulance to Fargo Essentia.

As Dan says: he was done on the outside, but he’s still doughy in the middle. Someone forgot to check him with a toothpick to make sure he was fully cooked!!

Car seat test: preemies have a very small airway that is very easily compromised. Preemies also have a harder time breathing sitting up for extended periods of time. This might show as low O2, increased blood pressure, decreased respiration or apnea. To make sure that they can travel safely they make sure that preemies can tolerate sitting up in a car seat for 90 minutes without compromise.

I think that’s most of the answers to the questions I’ve been getting. We have no idea how long we will be here, could be a day could be another week. Depends on Hubert and his health. We will not rush just to be home. We would rather be safe and health. With that being said:

When we do get home we will be asking that those of you who wish to visit make sure you are not wearing any perfumes/strong smelling body sprays. We will kindly ask you to wear a mask and to wash your hands and use sanitizer before handling the baby. He will be in a blanket while you hold him, please do not try to hold his hands ect as they end up in his mouth. Absolutely NO kissing the baby or putting him near your face and no fingers in the mouth. It will be up to Dan and I if we feel comfortable with you holding the baby. If you’ve been around anyone who’s been ill.. flu, sniffles, cough ect… please do not come to the house. Even if you say it’s allergies, we would rather be safe then sorry. Please do not get offended or hurt feelings of not being able to handle the baby, we need to be extra careful with him as his lungs are still trying to catch up and so is the rest of his immune symptoms. I think you’d feel extremely bad if you gave something to Hubert that ended up having him back into the NICU. So please be considerate to our feelings and baby Hubs health.