Howard Bicker

First post: Sep 20, 2021 Latest post: Nov 5, 2021
Some of you may wonder, because of Howard’s symptoms, if he is being treated for Covid. He is not. He was originally being treated for aspirational pneumonia, which developed when he inhaled some food particles into his esophagus. These particles were removed with an endoscope. Some days later he developed a cough and severe pain on his right side. After many chest x-rays and CT scans and 2 rounds of antibiotics for the pneumonia found in his right lung, he was feeling worse rather than showing any improvement. X-rays showed increased pneumonia as well as rapidly increasing fluid (infection) around his right lung. Doctors suspect some food particles were inhaled into his lung, either before or during the endoscopy. Since then his condition has deteriorated with the infection proving very resistant to treatment. Although he is in critical condition we are assured every day that there is hope and he can pull through this.

So many of you have commented on Howie’s big personality and strong spirit. We agree wholeheartedly and pray that will be what pulls him through this crisis. We love you all and your words of encouragement mean so much to our family.