Luisa Miyares Hope For Luisa

First post: Dec 8, 2016
Hi, I'm Luisa...I'm 38 and was diagnosed with Stage IV "Inflammatory Breast Cancer" in August 2016, of course to my shock and dismay.  It's a rare, very aggressive form of breast cancer, especially for women under 40.  In my case, the cancer has now  spread  to my spine (multiple locations), my jaw bone, my lungs, my liver, and the latest ....there's now a tumor at the base of my skull, near the auditory canal. So, things have obviously gotten much worse since I was first diagnosed, and even since having traditional chemotherapy...which I had 6 hard rounds of. It actually nearly killed me- TWICE! That's why I decided to stop those "treatments." So,  now, for me...all I can do is basically treat my symptoms, because of course, my condition is considered incurable, but "treatable."  I'm hopeful that I will be able to live with this disease for some time, at least because I am physically and mentally a very strong person! So, about me, besides the cancer, I am a person who loves to go and do things, I love animals, especially dogs and horses, and I love music, as well.  I also love learning, and have spent probably a hundred+ hours researching this disease, treatments, etc...