Crystal Hoon Hoon Updates

First post: May 5, 2019 Latest post: May 9, 2019
Hello all - 

At the request of two different family friends I have created this central location to keep everyone updated on my mom's condition. I have been exhausted trying to keep myself, and everyone else updated, and try to take care of my son and myself at the same time. But my mom has a lot of people who care about her and are rooting for her so I am doing my best. This website will help keep everything in an organized, central place.

Many of you also know that she has also been my main support for child care for Conner. Now that she can no longer watch him, I am without child care. Many friends and family members have offered support, but few can regularly help on their busy schedules, and I need a permanent, stable, sustainable solution for him. He is working on getting PCA hours through the county - which would bring in an additional person for support, or give me access to more funds to pay a regular family/friend for child care. 

I have a Facebook page for my 'tribe' who has offered various help and support, but somebody suggested I utilize this website for that as well. So I will figure out a way to upload a schedule of days I'm in need of support with Conner - and if anyone can help me out, please let me know. I will pay you, feed you, and appreciate you.

Thanks everyone. Updates coming.