Holly Murphy Holly Murphy Cancer Fight

First post: Feb 25, 2023 Latest post: May 27, 2023
Hi everyone!!!   On Jan. 8th  I was diagnosed with cancer when I took a call from my doctor at school.   I was totally blown away and caught off guard, but I had to continue to teach my 5th grade students.  It was very hard to get through that day without breaking down in front of my students.  B ut, I knew I had to be strong for them , and didn't want them to be stressed out or worried!  I thougth getting cancer won't happen to me,  it only happens to other people.  Then a second thought entered my head that said, "Why not you?"  This started my thinking that cancer can happend to anyone at anytime.  Babies, young kids, older teens, adults, and senior citizens can get cancer.   Getting sick changes your perspective.  My advice would be to people is to go to your doctors for regular check ups.  If you find something isn't right with yourself, get it checked out and don't wait!!  Finally, live each day to the fullest and be the best possible verzion of yourself because you will never know what tomorrow holds for you.   I just pray to God each day for all the blessing he has given to me.  I hope the best for everyone!!!