Hollis Bishop

First post: Mar 5, 2021 Latest post: May 21, 2021
As many of you know Hollis and Jane moved to Green Bay in early December to be closer to Dave, Amber and our family. The news of the move brought          excitement to us all; the baseball games, piano recitals, gymnastics meets, school concerts, all the things that keep us busy they would now get to enjoy as well. That excitement was very quickly replaced with new emotions when Hollis was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma just a week after moving to Green Bay. It's a very aggressive type of cancer which meant Hollis would need a very aggressive treatment plan. After learning that surgery would not be a possibility for his tumor we looked to chemo to shrink the tumor.
 Hollis continued to decline after surgery for the port placement and the doctor decided it would be best to hospitalize Hollis in order to get his vitals stable. While in the hospital he received his first round of chemo and it became clear that the chemo regiment would just be too hard on his body. Without having any more treatment options it was decided that it would be best to focus on palliative care to control the enormous amount of pain he was experiencing.
 On January 31 Hollis moved into the Meng Residence at Unity Hospice.  With restrictions on visitation due to Covid-19, Unity was the best option for care for Hollis as well as still being able to have some visitors allowed. We are thankful that the Lord got Hollis and Jane to Green Bay and into our care at the time they did. We are also thankful to so many family and friends that have called and sent letters during this time. It has been a bright spot in both of their days during some difficult times.