Hester Longanecker

First post: May 1, 2020 Latest post: Jul 22, 2020
Orval wishes to express his appreciation for all the cards, letters, video chats and meals. There is such great generosity, and it has been lavishly extended. He is doing well, though there are times of great sadness. After so many years together, it is only expected and normal for grieving at this time. However, he is steadfast in his faith and in the promise of life to come. Plans are being put together for this fall to take Hester's cremains to be placed in their final resting place in Bandon, Oregon. Once again, thank you to one and all who have extended their well wishes and condolences to Orval as well as the entire family.

Final arrangements are pending regarding any Services or Celebrations in memory of Hester's life. At some point her cremains will be interred in Bandon, but any gatherings in the Gresham area will be subject to current Covid-19 restrictions and limitations. Further information and updates will be posted here and shared on various social media platforms. UPDATE: A few minutes ago Hester passed through and is now in the arms of Jesus. Her passing was peaceful and in the presence of family and loved ones. While we shall all miss her we do not mourn in vain, bit we who believe in the same Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ shall all meet with her again on that day when there will be no more weeping, no more mourning and He shall wipe away every tear. UPDATE : Hester is quickly moving towards the end of her journey. She is very weak today and is not able to sustain conversations as her voice is very soft and her energy is fading. Please pray for comfort as she and Orval take the last steps of her journey together. She has run the race and fought the good fight, and now her treasure and reward lies close at hand, and Glory is just beyond the vail. Hester's family extends gratitude to all who have stood by in prayer, well wishes and heartfelt expressions of love and compassion. At this time, we asked that all would refrain from phone calls as she is quite exhausted. Please follow this page for updates and changes as they will be posted in a timely fashion. again, we appreciate all the love and prayers. UPDATE : Hester was able to spend time outside under their carport with family for a 4th of July picnic. She continues to be mostly comfortable but is not able to eat as much as she would like to. Hester continues to visit with family and friends, as well as receive wonderful ministry from their church. She notes that she is sleeping more, and notes she wishes she had more energy. She and Orval continue to receive wonderful care from Ron and Connie as well as other family and caring support friends. The family extends heartfelt thanks to all who support them through prayers, cares and notes of encouragement. UPDATE: Hester enjoyed being able to get outside for a while this week. She and Orval are making the most of this season they have together. They have been able to receive several visits, and she is very appreciative and thankful for family and friends who are so supportive of her ongoing health needs. They are especially grateful for the care provided by Mt. Hood Hospice and have found a wonderful resource in their Chaplain. UPDATE: Hester is a feeling a bit stronger after being treated for an infection. She is able to sit in her recliner for a couple of hours each day now. That really helps as being confined to bed is very monotonous. She is in good spirits and finding joy in each day. Continued prayers appreciated.. UPDATE: Hester observes that "This is the day that the Lord has made", so rejoice and be glad in it!  She is no longer able to walk and is staying in her confined to her specialty bed which is next to the window in the front room of their home.  She enjoys visiting with friends by video, and states that she is quite comfortable with the aid of medications.  She is sleeping more hours each day now, and takes naps throughout the day.  Hester expresses her love for her Lord and Savior and is thankful for the many friends that have expressed their love, concern and prayers.  She speaks of her situation with full understanding of her circumstance, and is strong in her testimony of the love of God.  She continues to welcome cards and notes of encouragement.   UPDATE: Hester continues with little discomfort, however due to increased weakness and fatigue she is using a specialty bed to avoid falls and related injuries.  Yesterday she and Orval celebrated their 72nd anniversary! UPDATE:Hester continues the rest comfortably at home, and has been able to tolerate solid food now. She is receiving 24 hour care and support from family and friends as well as care from Mt. Hood Hospice. Prayers, notes and cards continue to be appreciated. UPDATE: Today Hester had a consult concerning her upcoming radiation.  After the doctor provided the benefits and the difficulties associated with the treatments, Hester has decided to forgo further therapies and and will spend her energies focusing on quality of life for the time God will allow her on this Earth. As of this afternoon she will be receiving hospice care at her home with additional 24-hour care provided by loving and dear friends of the family. Your cards and letters and prayers continue to be appreciated. UPDATE: Good news! Hester is being released to go recouperate at home this evening. Her surgery went well, and she is fully alert. Thank you for your prayers. UPDATE: Hester has been admitted to the hospital for her surgery this morning. If all goes well they anticipate that this will only be Day surgery and she may return home this evening, but possibly stay overnight for observation given her fragile condition.  We continue to invite you to join with us in prayer during this time. UPDATE: Hester's procedure has gone very well. She did very well, and if everything continues she may be released to come home this evening. We continue in prayer as she recovers and prepared for palliative radiation therapy. UPDATE: Hester's procedure has gone very well. She did very well, and if everything continues she may be released to come home this evening. We continue in prayer as she recovers and prepared for palliative radiation therapy. UPDATE: Hester is scheduled to undergo the procedure to place the bile duct stint tomorrow.  She is having a good day, and has very little discomfort today.  She has been resting and enjoying Mother's day, and has been able to visit with her three children and several grandchildren.  Please join with us in prayer for a successful and uneventful procedure tomorrow.