Herrick Jerrell

First post: Jul 22, 2019 Latest post: Aug 30, 2019
Hello everyone.
I'm not the kind of person to let myself out there, but for those who care...
So I wasn't feeling right and brought it up to my Dr. at my physical last year and I they found I had an abnormal EKG. After many tests, they found an aortic aneurism. So when they confirmed that they also found I had an over dilated aortal hook. It's supposed to be dilated at 3.5mm, but I'm at a 5.1. They told me that it could be hereditary or something might be blocking it and causing it to expand. Either way they said that open heart surgery is imminent to replace or fix my aortal hook.
Uhm, this freaked us out here. We've been just dealing with it since we found out. They told me to take it easy and to call 911 or go to the hospital if I have any symptoms.
So I'm having surgery on July 23rd. I'm having an angiogram done to hopefully have a stint put in to fix my aortic aneurism and it will take me a week to heal. They will see what is wrong with my aortal hook and plan my future open heart surgery.
First thing, I'm drained. But I'm ok  I'll have to sell our business because I obviously can't run it anymore.
Thanks for listening and may God bless all you all!