Herb Wexler

As of Sept. 25, Herb has been receiving in-hospital hospice care. Herb is resting comfortably while Kay reads aloud from 'The Secret Life of Lobsters' and 'Globalization and its Discontents Revisited'.

I would imagine one of Herb's wishes would be that you enjoy a bike ride on a beautiful day along the shore.

Posted Sept. 20, 2018
Herb is still in Norwalk Hospital.  His last radiation therapy appointment is scheduled for Mon. Sept. 24.  He is scheduled to have a surgical 'washout' (cleaning of the craniotomy sight) on Thu. Sept. 27.  He will spend some time in the ICU then he will be transferred to a Rehab facility.  After that, he'll be back home.

Posted Sept. 11, 2018
As of this morning, Herb is off supplemental oxygen.  He needed the oxygen because of labored breathing due to the pulmonary embolism = YAY good news!

Herb is waiting for the results of his MRI which will indicate if the infection at the surgery site has resolved.  News on that later today.

Herb's radiation therapy has been on-going during this stay in the hospital.  The chemo, however, was stopped temporarily because it decreases the bodies immunity, therefore, reducing his ability to fight the infection.  Chemo may continue once Herb's infection has cleared.

Herb and Kay are waiting to discuss discharge options with his primary doctor.  Not sure yet whether Herb will be able to go home (with home care support) or will need to recover at the Gaylord Rehab center.

Posted Sept. 5, 2018.
Herb was admitted to hospital on Sunday, Sept 2.  He was diagnosed with a bilateral pulmonary embolism.  Since being admitted, it was discovered he also has an infection at the surgery/craniotomy site.  He is on antibiotics and will have the infected tissue 'washed-out'.  He will remain in the hospital for several days.

Posted August 13, 2018
Herb came home Thursday. August 9.  Three days each week, he has a full-day health aide, Kay manages the other days.  On the days Kay is home without the aide, she would love some assistance so she can get out of the house to do things - please see the Ways-to-Help calendar.  Herb had his first radiation treatment today, Aug. 13, and will have an appointment five days per week for six weeks.   He also started his chemo treatment today - one pill each day for a year.  Herb seems much more stable on his feet but still tires easily.  The highlight of the weekend was 10+ minutes on his stationary bike (thanks Andy).

Posted August 5, 2018
Herb should be in his home as of Friday, August 10.  Kay will be living with and be caring for him.  Ruby, a Care Companion, will be helping Herb when Kay goes to work.  Herb is a fall risk patient and needs a caregiver 24 hours each day.  Kay needs your help on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  A few hours each day would be helpful to let Kay do other things (exercise, haircuts, check on her own house,  you know - stuff).

Sunday, August 19, we need someone to be with Herb most of the day (this can be several people tag-teaming) while Kay takes her daughter to college.

Please check the 'Ways to Help" section and sign up if you have the time.

Much Appreciated

Posted July 22, 2018

Herb and Kay enjoyed a fabulous first quarter of 2018.  They visited the Bahamas in January, New Zealand and Australia in March.

Q2 was significantly different.  Herb started noticing unusual aches/pains in April and in May had some disorientation while on his bike.

In late June Herb was experiencing headaches and numbness on his left side.  Turns out Herb needed to have a cancerous brain tumor removed on July 5th.  Herb is now (as of July 13) in rehab at Gaylord in Wallingford, CT and will appreciate your support as he works hard to recuperate.  Herb is expected to be back in his home mid-August.

Herb has already started Occupational and Physical Therapies.  Going forward he will need chemo and radiation therapies.

Herb retains his sense of humor, just prior to his surgery he asked his surgeon if they would play "If I only had a Brain" during the procedure.

Please check the 'Ways To Help" tab.