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First post: Mar 20, 2022 Latest post: Mar 21, 2022
*The family is currently asking that everyone checks this page for updates and refrains from reaching out directly to the family due to influx of texts/emails. 

Hi everyone . Thank you for taking the time to visit this page, and to encourage, support, and pray for us during this very difficult season. Our son Henry is a 2 1/2 year old sweet, active, giggly little boy who loves being outside. As most of you may already know, Henry was recently diagnosed with Acute T-Cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. We began chemotherapy on Sunday, March 20th. The chemotherapy is scheduled for 7 months, which will be pretty intense. Then we will hopefully be in a chemo maintenance for a little over two years, where he will still receive treatment, but only once a month. So a total treatment plan of 3 years. Henry was also diagnosed with Autism in December of 2021. Due to his Autism diagnosis- it makes caring for him during this process even harder. Henry has a lot of sensory needs. He feels things a lot more intensely than you and I. Which makes pricks and pokes , bandaids, taking medicine very difficult. We plan on sending a close friend updates, specific prayer points for that day (since things can change dramatically from day to day) , and ways we could use support- and she will communicate all of that on this page for all of you to have access too. Thank you all for your already kind words, prayers, encouragement, and tangible help. We appreciate it more than you know. Much love - Kyle, Morgan, Henry, and Ellie