Mark Martinez Jr. Martinez Family

Help Mark Martinez Jr. and his family of five

This GoFundMe is a call for donations to help the Martinez family while they fight an unforeseen battle.  Mark has been in the hospital since October 1st prompted by symptoms of paralysis in his legs.  Mark is a 38 year old, physically fit and healthy man so these symptoms were sudden and shocking.  They are still waiting on a diagnosis.


Mark has undergone weeks of intense steroids, plasma exchange treatments with little result.  It has been a tiring process for the entire Martinez family.  At this time, the hope is that the condition will be something they can treat and that the symptoms are repressible so that Mark can regain his ability to walk and the use all of his limbs again. Once out of the hospital, Mark will need many alterations to his home to accommodate a wheel chair; adjustments to ease his ability to get around.  He will be unable to work for an unforeseen amount of time; which will greatly affect their family's income.  He will need continued medical care and will require intense physical and occupational therapy for a significant period once his body is physically ready and able; something that will result in significant medical expenses. 

Mark and Meredith met in 2003 as co-workers at Red Fish Grill in the New Orleans French Quarter.  They have been inseparable since.  They have two beautiful daughters, Molly (13) and Charlotte (12), and a son, Luke (10). As very involved parents, they have a very busy life as a family; but they have enjoyed every moment of it and approached everything with a smile, positive attitude, and with lots of love.  As a dedicated, long-term River Ridge resident, Mark was a previous owner of Dockside Seafood and Oyster Bar & Restaurant in River Ridge with the intent to contribute to his neighbors and bring the community together.  With a desire for more family time, he started working with Forsythe Fencing so that he could be afforded the evenings and weekends to spend with his family.  He is very involved coaching his son, Luke’s, little league team.  He plays an active role in his family’s life and is a devout Catholic.  His current medical condition has and will continue to change how the family functions, and everyone will have to adapt to help Mark in this new challenge.  Besides the financial burden in the near and future term, the emotional and mental stress of these challenges is overwhelming.

Please consider helping this wonderful family during an extremely tough time by donating today.  They truly are an exemplary model for what “family” means, following the teachings of the Catholic Church and living their lives how Jesus taught us to live.  Your assistance today will help them maintain everyday needs and expenses while they fight this illness.  Thank you so much for your charity and efforts.  The Martinez family thanks you from the bottom of all five of their warm hearts. The goal is to raise $50,000 for this loving family to assist in lessening the burden of their medical expenses during this terribly difficult time in their lives.