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Hello, My name is Mandy and my 11 year old daughter Maggie was diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2019...  In October 2017 tragedy  hit our family medically and financially. Maggies dad lost his life to Lung Cancer and although he had insurance it did NOT cover all the costs of out patiant care , labs, co-pays, gas, basic necessities, ect...  We still have not fully recovered from his illness and now we tragedy again has found my family.   Now as a single mom it's not easy to give her the things she needs for her to fight against her own cancer... Fighting for her life is my top priority and I am doing all I can to keep her as healthy as possible...  I have taken off full time from work {our main source of income }since she got sick to care for her and other disabled family members whom I am also responsible for. I'm not sure when I can go back... until then I have very little resources to help her get better and keep her spirits up.. I am doing my best just to make sure to pay what bills I can with the little money and savings I did had, but now find myself in a worse position that I may not be able to even pay the major bills... I have been told that her treatments can take up-to 3 years after she hopefully goes into remission... Doctors have told me because her type of leukemia is a rare genetic kind that it is going to be harder to fight than a normal child... she still has alot of treatments to get better and might take a long time.  We go to Pittsburgh Childerens Hospital alot and are up to 4 treatments a week. It is a long drive and we are usually there all day... It is very tiring and a very long day... She is also receiving home nurse care to give her care and even more treatments and meds... We are getting ready to stay in Pittsburgh Chiderens Hospital for another extended stay for another consolidation block to hopefully get to remission. When we get there the next step is a bone marrow transplant... She has gone through to much already at such a young age... She keeps her spirits up and occupies get time by watching her pet frogs and toads which she has hand caught all by herself before she got sick... she is absolutely in love with them... and her little kittens... She tells me that when she grows up she wants to be a frog farmer and on the side a dog slender in Alaska... We keep our spirits up and pray every day for the miracle of remission so she can have her dreams come true... I only pray in God's grace and mercy it will happen for her ... I thank you for your prayers and any donation to help us on our own long journey... Your gifts will help this family with medical and household bills, special supplements and perscriptions, out patiant care needs, gasoline for travel to her treatments and basic necessities for Maggies care... Thank you for all your love and support and God Bless...

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