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March 16, 2020

My name is Suphalak Tumfong. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and have been a full-time nurse for over 30 years. Currently, I work in the Dialysis Unit of the Maharaj Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. On March 14th, 2020, I arrived in Toledo, Ohio, from Thailand to visit my daughter and only child, Saranlak (a.k.a. Sara or Namwa), who received a scholarship from the University of Toledo four years ago and is now a 22-year-old senior and leader on the women's golf team. The reason for my visit?  With only two months left to graduate, Sara was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) which is a type of blood cancer that starts in the bone marrow. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Toledo and will need a bone marrow transplant.

I was devastated when I learned of this news. Sara has been a very healthy, athletic person. She is very kind and loving, and is an excellent golfer who has helped her team win many tournaments. I requested leave without pay from my work since I did not know how long I would be in the U.S. to care for Sara. I immediately started preparing for my first trip to the U.S. Also, I am the main caretaker for my mother in Thailand who has multiple medical problems of her own.  I have arranged for my brother, who lives in a different city, to help care for her during my absence.

Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, I have only been allowed to see Sara on two occasions before being told that, due to her being prone to infection, no visitors would be allowed. As a result, Sara and I can only communicate by phone and texting. It is heart-breaking to travel a long ways from the other side of the world to be with my sick child but not be with her in person. I try each day to stay strong and positive, and to pray for the full recovery of my daughter.

After a successful chemotherapy regimen, Sara will need to have a bone marrow transplant. The treatment and the transplant will be very costly. We are unsure at this time whether her insurance will cover the cost, and if yes, how much of it will be covered. In addition to the funding for the treatment and the transplant, I also need help with the cost of our accommodations, transportation, and associated expenses with the long wait before and after her treatment. 

Throughout the many years of my nursing career, I have helped many sick patients. Today I am asking for your prayers and financial support to help save my daughter as she fights for her life. Sara is a very kind, loving, and caring person. She will give back to the world many times over after she gets her new life. Please pray with me for her successful chemo treatment, a successful bone marrow transplant, and a complete recovery.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Suphalak Tumfong

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