Nicole Clark Help Nicole!

Nicole Clark is a strong, brave women. She has 4 special needs children, who she adopted many years ago. Her and her children live with Nicole's mother, Deb.  She is a diabetic and suffers from kidney failure, having been on dialysis for many years now.  She still continues to take care of her children, go to church, cook every night, and much, much more. But, just over a week ago, she was taken my ambulance to the hospital. She had an abscess, about the size of a softball, and fist deep. Everyone, doctors, surgeons, family, and more were not sure she would make it. Her blood pressure and sugar being sky high, with severe sepsis. She went in to emergency surgery to remove the abscess, as well as a lot of dead skin. She is now on several antibiotics, pain medication, iron, fluids, and more. She will be released soon. We need support. For the three growing children, for medical supplies we need to buy, for dialysis, gas, school supplies, medical support, and much more. We NEED a hospital bed, and every donation will go in to help fund that. So please, every cent helps. Help support an amazing woman and her children.