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First post: Feb 18, 2022 Latest post: Apr 3, 2022
Lauren is 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. The first week of January 2022, Lauren noticed a lump on her thigh. Her mom took her to urgent care, followed by the ER. Dr's said it was an infected lymph node and gave her antibiotics. It didn't seem to be getting any better and they said she just wasn't responding to the antibiotics. They scheduled her for surgery Monday, January 31st. They removed two lymph nodes that were huge and hard and pressing against her thigh muscle which was causing her pain and making her limp. Wednesday (two days after the surgery), she noticed it looked red and purple, also felt hot to the touch. Then DFW was hit with ice, so Friday morning they sent pics to the Dr. The Dr said he'll meet them at the ER. Its infected again and she needs IV antibiotics. While there and getting the IV, the bomb hit. Pathology was back and it was cancer. Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ACLC) to be exact. They did more scans and tests but the first step was to treat the infection so they could do a PET scan. After a couple of days, the official diagnosis came back Stage II ACLC. The cancer seems to be contained to the groin area and a plan was made, 6 months of chemo. Its been emotional and overwhelming to say the least. 

This site is to let family and friends know how she's doing, what's going on and maybe share some pictures. Please use the well wishes page or if you'd like to donate, there is a PayPal link under "Ways to Help".