Isaac Rodriguez HelpfortheHurting

Please consider supporting our Mexican friends Saira and Isaac during a very difficult time since Christmas.  Isaac and Saira are dear friends who were the "padrinos" (sponsors) of our wedding rings in Mexico and are part of our ministry support team to help support Mexican missionaries serving around the world.  They were our first visitors to our retreat home in Tequis when we celebrated Isaac's 50th birthday in August, and they were at our home again the weekend right before Christmas.

Right after Christmas, Isaac got a serious headache and then became unresponsive after taking some pain medicine, so Saira rushed him to the hospital where he fell into a coma and was diagnosed with a brain hematoma with intense swelling in his brain.  He remained in a coma for over a week so the swelling could go down, but then he got pneumonia in the hospital (thank God he has been protected from COVID so far).  On  Saturday, Jan. 16 the doctors were able to  remove the hematoma, but he still remained fairly unresponsive with a breathing tube to remove liquid from his lungs and a nasal tube through his esophagus to feed him.  Saira has been at the hospital with him during the day all this time and her family and brother-in-laws have taken turns caring for Isaac at night.  

Isaac has only been able to communicate through raising his eyebrows and hand squeezes, and Saira was able to understand that he had intense stomach pain last week.  When Saira asked the doctors to do tests, they discovered he had a strong infection in his gall bladder so they immediately brought Isaac in for another surgery on Saturday, Jan.  23 to remove it.  The doctors said it became a complicated surgery because so much of the surrounding area had gotten infected and Isaac got pneumonia again, but they were able to remove the gall bladder and clean out the infected areas, and Isaac is again in recovery for another week.  As of January 25, Isaac has been in the hospital for over 4 weeks and both he and Saira need our prayers and support.

Saira needs to return to work in February and has been battling with Isaac's medical insurance since they denied him coverage for some pre-existing condition, but thankfully Saira's medical insurance has helped cover some of the major expenses.  Please pray for Isaac's recovery and for God's miraculous provision for all their medical and health needs.  Please also pray that God will give Saira wisdom to know how to best care for Isaac, especially after she goes back to work, and pray that both of their insurances will cover all the major medical expenses.

Ivan and I are sharing their story to ask for your prayers and also financial support to help cover their additional medical needs that the Mexican insurance companies may not cover, as well as home health care to support Saira and Isaac on the road to recovery.  Our initial goal is to raise $5000 USD to help with their medical needs, but we will know more as Isaac continues to recover.  Please join us in providing help for the hurting, especially as they are part of God's family who we know and love.   Thank you for considering this urgent request, and we'll keep you posted!