James Bibby Help for Pappa Bibs

First post: Dec 29, 2018 Latest post: Jul 18, 2021
Hello all! Bibby girls here. As most of you know, we are all very close to our dad and call him often. After about a day of him not answering any of our calls, we began to get concerned that something had happened.  We sent our good friend over to his house and she found him breathing, but unresponsive. They ended up life flighting him to Memorial Hermann Medical Center and after some tests, diagnosed him with a Brain AVM. In short, a Brain AVM is a tangle of blood vessels in your brain (you are born with it) that can cause too much or too little blood flow in your brain. They can rupture at anytime and his just so happened to rupture now.  The main concern was the amount of blood in our father's brain- since he lives alone, we think it could have been over 24 hours before anyone got to him. This can take a major toll on the brain. The doctors have done surgery and successfully removed the AVM. Yay! But he also has an aneurism as a result of the AVM that they may have to go back later to fix. There is only a 1% chance of the aneurism rupturing. Dad is still in the ICU and they are trying to get the blood drained and reabsorbed as fast as possible. Because his airway is compromised and he is not moving much at all, they put a trach tube and feeding tube in. He has a slight infection from all of the mucus produced by the trach tube. Otherwise, we are currently researching stroke rehab facilities for him to go after the hospital to continue the recovery process. The recovery process can be anywhere from weeks, to months, to a year- we just don't know yet. He makes forward strides everyday. Although he has not fully woken up, he opens his eyes for a few minutes a few times a day, wiggles his fingers and toes, lifts fingers and thumbs, and squeezes hands. We truly believe he can hear us and talk to him, play TV and music often. Our dad is a fighter and he held on for over 24 hrs without even knowing if help would come and he will continue fighting! We have heard so many success stories of stroke victims and are holding on to that hope. Krista will be coming up to see dad on the weekends as she is in school in Austin, TX. Jenny will be coming on nights that she is not working, and Stephanie is currently staying at dad's house and coming to the hospital most days. She has a 1 yr old son so she can't be there as much as desired. We know our dad has touched the lives of so many people. Anyone that knows him knows that he would do anything for anyone and has a heart of gold. Because of that, we have such a great support system from all of his friends and family. And we need you all! We need your help and your hearts to nurse our dad back to health- it will take a village, and we are grateful that we have one. We will use this website for most updates, visitation, etc. Thank you!