Debra Johnson

First post: Feb 14, 2021
My Mom had a cardiac arrest January 8th witch caused severe brain injury due to lack of oxygen. She is currently at RI Hospital and not receiving the care she so desperately needs. We need to get her out of there an to a disorders of consciousness program asap but we can not afford it... As she lay in the hospital now she is not getting the aggressive treatment she needs now to make any kind of recovery. My Mom is an amazing person and she deserves this. She has so much life ahead of her. All she ever wanted was to watch my children grow up and spend all the time she could have with them her time. To my children there Mimi is there entire world. If u ever ask them who they love the most it's not me, it's Mimi. I have been sick for over 11 years, very sick bed bound for years at a time with graves disease, vascular issues, heart problems, pots syndrome, an she took care of me and stepped in to care for my daughter when I was admmitted in the hospital time an time again no questions asked. She is there other parent. She kept this family going financially, and emotionally. She took care of both of her parents till there dying day, she takes care if everyone. She's a waitress and everyone just loves her. She is only 58 years young. She needs this second chance. She needs aggressive treatment so her injury does not get worse. It's so hard to understand Brain injury but I do know one thing an that is the longer you lay there an do nothing and have no rehab or aggressive treatment worse things will be for her. We have already had to give up my Mom's apt because we could no longer afford it. She was the soul provider. She took care of all of us. We are completely lost without her. It's my turn to give back to her for everything she has done for me and my kids, but financially i can not financially we need help from outsiders that maybe never even got to meet my Mom, but we can't just give up. I figured I'll give one desperate attempt to find help anywhere we can because at the end of the day she is all we have. And I will never give up on her or ever give up trying to find ways to give her the best treatment. These places want money an that is something we just don't have. But it's a whole person's life at stake here. My Mothers life. Please help her.... We can't even see her due to covid it's heart wrenching..... My father passed away 1 year ago 😓. Her only brother passed away just a little before that😥. Both of her parents passed away 5 years ago 😞 we don't have anyone else to turn to our whole immediate family is gone. It's just me an my little brother an my two amazing kids. We are all she's got she's counting on us and she is all we got. Please if u can find it in your heart to donate please do. Our PayPal is or And if u can't, then please just pray pray hard for her and my kids please if u can't help with a donation I beg of you to please pray as much as u can.... I just can't even begin to imagine a life without my Mom she is our world. Please help me give her a fighting chance she deserves a fighting chance............ please help us ................ ♥️🙏💔