Ann Perera Help Ann Perera Recover!

On Tuesday, August 4th, Ann went to an appointment, suspecting an arterial block, after she suddenly experienced shortness of breath during her daily Zumba class. However, the Doctor found multiple blocks, which would require a Triple By-Pass/Open Heart Surgery. When we asked Ammie how to proceed, her answer was unequivocal: Let's do it!

So, the following morning, she was wheeled into the operating theater to have her intense procedure. We are happy to report that after some of the longest hours of our life, she emerged from a successful surgery! There were no complications, and now, Ammie has full blood flow!

Ammie is now recovering at the hospital, and is doing well! She has been sitting up, and even took her first steps; these are all HUGE milestones immediately after surgery!

We are simply amazed at Ammie's courage, entering into a hospital during the reality of COVID precautions. No one could be there with her for the test. No one could hold her hand or give her a hug. She couldn't see our faces when she emerged from her procedure. And yet, she bravely soldiered on.

Thus far, we have been working from afar to find the best care for Ammie so that her recovery is smooth and safe, and are now transitioning to the best care for her once she leaves the hospital. During the first few days of her recovery, Ammie will need full time help to get around her home, make food, and monitor her recovery.

Unfortunateley, Ammie has been in the midst of serious home repairs, and has not had an operating kitchen nor full access to her home since February. Because of this, we are renting a house for a few weeks, where we can quarantine from COVID, while enabling Ammie to do her physical therapy, peacefully rest, and eat the yummy food we will cook for her. 

At this juncture, we know that there is a long journey for Ammie. There will be lots of physical therapy where some sessions will be covered by insurance and many that won't. There will be a need for caretakers to help her at home until she is fully mobile. And the biggest hurdle: because of the extreme risks of Covid-19 to cardiac patients, we don't know when Ammie will be able to return to her classroom.

We deeply appreciate all of your prayers, love, and offers of support. If you are able to, please donate what you can to aid a full and healthy recovery for her. As a Bright Smiling Soul, Ammie has cultivated so many amazing people, and she is fueled by the love you all have for her.

Thank You!!!

With Gratitude,
The Perera Family